BS&B Offers the IDV™ Safety Valve as an Alternative to Conventional Safety Relief Valves

This advanced, established technology offers a lighter, more compact, and higher flow capacity than a typical API Safety Relief Valve. Time-tested with 10,000 installations worldwide

BS&B Safety Systems offers the IDV™ Safety Valve, a self-reclosing safety pressure relief valve that functions the same as a traditional safety relief valve but with an inline configuration rather than the traditional angle body configuration.

The IDV has been installed in over 10,000 processes worldwide, making it an established alternative to the safety relief valve while meeting the same codes and standards. The inline design allows the IDV to offer up to three times the capacity of a conventional API safety relief valve. The flow moves straight without changing directions and without the same level of turbulence inside the valve as found in a conventional safety valve, which increases the capacity of the device. The inline diameter matches the nominal size of the valve allowing more flow capacity. The valve is compact, lighter in weight, smaller in size, therefore allowing for less expensive piping. The IDV Safety Valve can be installed using ANSI/ASME B 16.5 and international flange connections. Mounting can be either horizontal or vertical, adding to the flexibility of application for this design. The set pressure levels are independent of backpressure and suitable for variable backpressure applications.

The valve can be combined with an optional integrated rupture disk at the inlet and / or outlet. The combination of a rupture disk device with a safety relief valve has many benefits arising from valve isolation to the normal process conditions including optimal leak tightness, increased operating pressure, extended valve life, and reduced valve maintenance.